Topper’s perspective!

It’s one of the best beer times of the year, with all the seasonal brews arriving and new additions. The flavor profiles are exciting to the palate, some of which may be contributed to the changing seasons, the human spirit and body response to the stimulates of climate change, at least that is my belief. The festival brews are coming along which is traditional, with all the fun tasty esters in the finish and soon the richer porters and stouts will be here. We are expecting more Barley-wine and Bourbon barrel brews this year and because of your support more breweries are getting into Montana even if the Montana laws are not kind to breweries as you know and that is something I hope we can get some help in changing the license fee in the legislature. The Holidays are fast appoaching and with all the gatherings and celebrations have fun and consume good beer. Prost! Topper