Sasyr Sangiovese Syrah

Sasyr means “the discovery of another world” a blend of 60% Sangiovese and 40% Syrah and is produced in Tuscany Italy, although most toscanna red are fairly robust the winery describes this red as “Vino Donna” a wine with a feminine soul polished but quaffable. color in the glass is displayed as dark ruby very appealing to the eye. Bouquet has lush aromas of cherry, blackberry and raspberry fruit; the body has a medium structure of tannin and is packed with lush flavors of black berry, currant with hints of spice and pepper. on the palate the wine is well-rounded and nicely balanced with flavor, aroma, medium tannin which flows nicely into the long flavor notes in the finish. perfect pairing with a beef fillet or green pepper pasta with cherry tomatoes, tuna and feta cheese.