CD-Plis arrived friday!

Dinkelacker CD Pils

A noble bitter, bottom-fermented lager with a distinct hop flavor. Fresh and pure – brewed using the proven, harmonious Dinkelacker beer recipe. A classic pilsner beer for the true connoisseurs.

 ABV: 4.9% / Style Pilsner Lager

Since 1888 Dinkelacker beers have been brewed according to the principles of the founder Carl Dinkelacker – with the highest standards of quality and freshness, with the finest ingredients, and with great care. All beers are brewed at Dinkelacker with 100% local ingredients. The rich aroma hops, fine barley and  fresh water are all local resources.  All beers adhere to the German Purity Law.

Topper’s Notes: Clean and crisp, this brew truly is refreshing to the palate glass after glass. Lightly malted and minmum of hops makes this a real session beer. Prost!