Shiner Homespun Cream Ale is here!

Shiner Homespun Cream Ale Review

“Homespun pours copper with a thin white head and smells vaguely sweet, like an adjunct lager. A lot of people equate cream ales with lagers because some breweries will use lager yeast. They’re also relatively light, easy to drink and have a lager-like mild sweetness. All of this is true for Shiner’s take on the cream ale. Homespun is light on the tongue and the ABV (just 5%), has a welcoming malt sweetness and is hella easy to drink. It’s the kind of beer I could knock back a six-pack of without even really trying—that’s how easy they go down.”

Topper’s Notes : I did pick up a hint of fruity esters in the nose, the head was well delevoped and held together nicely showing a medium brussels lace for most of the glass. I wish that I this for the seventh game of the World Series. Prost!