Bridgeport Ora is here!

Credit: Bridgeport Brewing

Commercial Description:

Oregon’s BridgePort Brewing Company, one of the oldest craft breweries in the United States, just recently announced a brand new year- round beer offering. The new beer is Stumptown Oatmeal Red Ale, a beer brewed using four separate hop varietals: Nuggets, Sterling, Cascade and Mt. Hood, with hops added at six separate points during the brewing process.

Stumptown Oatmeal Red is unique on many levels. It’s the first production beer that is brewed with added hops in the whirlpool. It is also the first time Bridgeport has dry hopped at the rate of 2 pounds/bbl. Not only does this beer receive special hop treatment, it is also brewed using a wide variety of grains and malts, like caramel malt, flaked oatmeal, and specialty malts Red-X and Midnight Wheat. Bridgeport Brewmaster Jeff Edgerton says Stumptown Oatmeal Red is a great addition to the Bridgeport family and one that everyone can be proud of, both those who brewed it and those who drink it.

“Everyone in the brewery is excited about this new addition to our family of beers,” says Edgerton. “This unique dry-hopped Oatmeal Red Ale really showcases the care and precision that went into brewing it. Anyone who enjoys full-flavored red ales will certainly want to try this one out.”

Stumptown Oatmeal Red Ale is moderate by most statistical standards. The beer contains 5.6 percent alcohol by volume and 48 IBU of bitterness. The taste has been described as malt- forward with a grainy, herbal- like, citrusy flavor and silky body due to the added oatmeal. The beer will be available starting in mid- October and will be sold in 22 oz. bomber bottles, 12 oz. bottled six packs, and one draft at the Bridgeport Brewpub in Portland, Oregon.

Topper’s notes: This is a good session brew that shows substantial texture in the body, has good head retention and displays brussels lace to the end. There is a unique distinctive flavor both in the body and the nose that is appealing. Prost!