New Arrival Meadowlark Paramour Chocolate Cherry Oatmeal Stout!

Commercial description:

Dark chocolate brown with a tan head. Brewed with Belgian bittersweet chocolate and blended with cherry concentrate, this oatmeal stout is velvety-smooth with rich chocolate flavor and just a smattering of cherry tartness.


Yeah, those were my thoughts exactly. Passion is a wild, untamed beast. It knows no logic, and cares not for ethics or moral dilemmas. Similarly, forbidden love is relentlessly driven to any distance but is very much aware of it’s taboo nature. Cacao beans, cherries, oats and barley? A taboo affair indeed. Enjoy this ale secretly or with your own secret lover.


From farms to fermenters, beer has been a strong representative of agriculture since the dawn of human civilization. While beer is chiefly made from malted barley, brewers are able to utilize any number of grains, fruits, vegetables, spices, or even meats! Cheers to the cornucopia of ingredients in beer!

Toppers notes: I wasn’t sure when I appoached this brew what lay in store for my palate, I’ll report that it was a treat, the nose does display a solid aroma of oatmeal and crushed cherry. The body represents the layers nicely with balanced notes of each ingredient with enough acidity for structure. Prost!