Just arrived Friday morning “Fungus Shui” Meadowlark Brewery

commercial description:

Mushroom Dessert Ale

ABV: 6.5%  ·  IBUs: 15
SRM:   ·  OG:



Vanilla ice creamAVAILABILITY:

Medium-bodied ale that pours an amber-gold with aromas of maple syrup. Brewed with local honey and Candy Cap mushrooms.

Mushroom beer…what the funk? This crazy idea for a beer was concocted by tri-clamp ninjas from the Far East of Montana. These days, brewers are much in tune with gastronomy and beer’s rightful place as the best accompaniment to cuisine. For us at Meadowlark Brewing, we have a passion for something we call crypto-gastronomy. We love it when you taste an ingredient that we didn’t use. When we heard that there was a mushroom that smelled and tasted like maple syrup, we knew what our next beer was going to be. Fungus Shui has a powerful earthy maple syrup flavor and aroma. We’re not sure if this beer has any ancient healing effects, but it likely tastes delicious with a bowl of vanilla ice cream.

Toppers Notes: Ok folks, I’m going to hold back my comments until I hear back from you and your opinions on the blog! Prost!