Austria Brews in at Toppers Cellar Door!

Image result for grieskirchner pilsGrieskirchner Pils

Light golden with crystal clarity and a tight crop of bright white foam, this brew certainly looks the part of a German-style pils. On the nose, look for lightly sweet pale and pils malts to contribute mild notes of pale bread dough and saltine crackers. Overlaying the malt is a quintessential European-style noble hop aroma contributing grassy herbalness, earthy tones, and just a touch of lemony acidity, while hints of sulfur pop through as well, which is common to pilsners and often lager yeast in general. On the palate, expect a pleasant touch of sweetness within the crackery notes, satisfyingly balanced by a nice dose of hop bitterness. Right on target for the style, and just what we expect from a pilsner hailing from this part of the world, the hops come through with a grassy character and a lightly lemon-like citric acidity to add a tart hint to the equation. When one tastes a real European pils made with 100% barley malt and a proper dose of noble hops, it’s easy to see how the style ended up sweeping the world. Pair this refreshing Austrian pilsner with – what else? – Weisswurst or Wiener Schnitzel. Of course, pizza is always a good call as well. Cheers!