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New brew at Toppers Cellar Door!

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Very cloudy and murky yellow color, typical. Plenty of wheat and tons of orange and banana in the aroma. Fruity, with a light spice, but not an overly strong aroma.

Wheat flavors are big up front and throughout. And unlike the aroma, the spices really pop. Cloves and coriander really stand out prominently as an orange flavor provides a nice palate to do so. There are also some banana flavors that are fairly noticeable.

A nice tangy zing is present and welcome, helping to brighten up an otherwise thick and wheaty coating on the mouth. However, I would have certainly preferred that to have been quite a bit sharper. Good balance, lightly sweet throughout. Carbonation was solid. Body decent. 5.1% alcohol not noticeable. Not a bad beer and it certainly grows on you as you drink the entire thing.


Austria Brews in at Toppers Cellar Door!

Image result for grieskirchner pilsGrieskirchner Pils

Light golden with crystal clarity and a tight crop of bright white foam, this brew certainly looks the part of a German-style pils. On the nose, look for lightly sweet pale and pils malts to contribute mild notes of pale bread dough and saltine crackers. Overlaying the malt is a quintessential European-style noble hop aroma contributing grassy herbalness, earthy tones, and just a touch of lemony acidity, while hints of sulfur pop through as well, which is common to pilsners and often lager yeast in general. On the palate, expect a pleasant touch of sweetness within the crackery notes, satisfyingly balanced by a nice dose of hop bitterness. Right on target for the style, and just what we expect from a pilsner hailing from this part of the world, the hops come through with a grassy character and a lightly lemon-like citric acidity to add a tart hint to the equation. When one tastes a real European pils made with 100% barley malt and a proper dose of noble hops, it’s easy to see how the style ended up sweeping the world. Pair this refreshing Austrian pilsner with – what else? – Weisswurst or Wiener Schnitzel. Of course, pizza is always a good call as well. Cheers!

New Austria brews at the cellar door!

alc. 5,0% vol.

The brewery in Grieskirchen was mentioned the first time in a document in 1569. In that time Grieskirchen was located directly on the border to Bavaria.

The Grieskirchner Brewery describes this beer as full flavoured and worty. It’s brewed out of dark malt, with a lot of love, and the knowledge of a long tradition. That sounds pretty good, but how was my experience?

I would describe Grieskirchner Export Dunkel as slightly worty. Very understated in the first gulp, and also the finish was rather inconspicuous. There was no flavour blast for me. That’s why I would label the Grieskirchner Export Dunkel as quite nice,

Cellar door Arrivals!

California- Apple Cider- 7.0% ABV. Julian Black & Blue Hard Cider is a traditional hard cider blended with sweet blueberries & ripe blackberries. It is made with 100% natural, fresh-pressed apples grown sustainably on American soil.

Limited release Philipsberg brewing!


The first release in our Small Batch Series will be available for purchase February 10th.

We will have a complimentary food pairing to go with our Rubric Flanders Red Ale, starting at 12pm.

We only have 1080 bottles between the taproom and select bottle shops in Western Montana so get it while you can.

Deschutes Brewery at the Cellar Door!

Hop Henge Imperial IPAHop Henge is a discovery. Chinook, Cascade, Centennial, and Galaxy hops come together to erect a hop sanctuary. Revere the almighty hop!

Pale, Munich
Hops Chinook, Cascade, Centennial, Galaxy Cert.

Alc. 8% IBU. 97 Cal. 504/10oz