just in for the black beer fans for summer

For those of us, including me who love black beer I am pleased to announce the arrival of Wolters Black Beer! Produced in Germany by Hofbrauhaus Wolters, the original brewery was formed in 1627 and was operated by six generations of the Wolter family and is still owned by their decendants. Its a delight to drink black beer in the summer!


New arrival just in time for the heat!

Perfect beer, perfect size “one quart can” rich body of malt and suspended yeast that will quench the thirst during next week’s heat wave. The beer is named after Saint Valentine the “patron Saint of lovers” a definite brew for the patio or yard!

Arriving Friday grand teton doppelbock!

Grand Teton Brewing - Double Vision Doppelbock

Interesting brew, according to the brewery it was “first brewed in 2009 to highlight the breweries water”. they have a lot to say about the richness of this doppelbock, I mean when you claim that the beer matches moose, duck, goose, and wild boar! that’s some beer; there is truly a sense of caramel, and a hint of sweet ester throughout the glass, develops a thick head that has a good retention and plenty of brussels lace in the glass. although I wasn’t sure about a doppelbock in the spring and summer I have to say its great at the end of a long hard day and pleased my palate and restored my emotional state.

Prost! Topper

Duchesse is on the shelf!

#105 - Duchesse de Bourgogne

Duchesse De Bourgogne just arrived! Traditional Flemish or Flanders red ale, matured 18 months in oak casks and is a blend of a young 8 months old ale and an older 18 month old ale, which produces an ale with nuances of the sweetness of fruit and chocolate but with a higher degree of acidity which has sourness to the palate. Unusal appoach but an enjoyable change of pace from the hard sour ales. Prost! Topper

Another new arrival today!

St. Bernardus Abt 12 Beer

St. Bernardus abt 12: 10% acl. brown ale, produced in the classice Belgian Trappist monk style. From the nose to the elegant finish there is a sense of rich flavors that have a texture that is smooth and creamy on the palate, which belies the strength of this brew. The brewery claims that this is a very assertive abbey brown ale! I sense all of that coupled with a hint of floral in the finish; definitely restores my strength after a long day on the sales floor. Prost! Topper

New arrival today!

St Bernardus Tripel

St. Bernardus Tripel, 8% acl. rich amber color with a thick tighly foamed head which doesn’t dessipate too quickly. The nose has nuances of fruity esters followed by herbal flavors in the body that linger on the palate. Quality of the beer is seen in the development of great brussels lace in the glass. Definitely a sipper at the end of the day to round out one’s disposition. Prost! Topper 

Exciting Challange for the palate!

Lagunitas Brewing located in Petaluma, California uses the motto “eat, drink, play” I agree with that approach. The Equinox is a unique pale “oat” ale, with 50 IBU and 8.4% by volume; the boys at the brewery have quite a description of the brew that a mouthful. They claim these flavors are in the profile “piney, eucalyptus, cedar, spruce” others that I have read claim there is fruit on nose, some have written that their sense is Citrus, floral, woodsy, spruce, eucalyptus and juniper. My sense was juniper pine, citrus, earth and a hint of white pepper. Give it a try, and form your own opinion. Prost! Topper