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Toppers thoughts for the moment.

For folks that follow our simple blog I would like to share our goals at Toppers Cellar, we have been supporting the beer revolution since the first shot was fired at the insurrection at Chico California! We strive to provide the best environment and selection we possibly can. I can’t stress the importance of treating the beers properly, which in my opion is a responsiblty that any decaded brew enthousiant must adhere to. Its good to have competation thats good but we guardians of ale have to keep vigalant of the industry and help police it. There is concern and well there should be with some of the moves that are going on in our world that may not prove out very well, we will have to see. I am not trying to offend anyone just voicing my humble opinion of one!

Topper’s Beer Blog circulating among good fellows!

beer blog-item “brass tap” Kalispell, Montana recently opened and although it is part of a minor chain started in Florida and has reportedly 37 locations across the nation. Some locations boast having 200 different brews on board the new location has 60 different brews, I would appreciate any opinions from any of the Montana beer enthusiasts that may have stopped there, send us your update on this waterhole! Prost Topper


commercial description:

Vol. 750 ml / 7.2 ABV

Sweetness Off-Dry


Chinese New Year and beyond

On an overland to the Tien Shan mountains in Northwest China, I checked into in a hostel in a village along the Xingzi River. Having lost my diary a week before during a sudden retreat from a bar, I was unaware of the impending New Year’s celebration. Never one to miss a party, I proceeded to nocturnal wandering and firecracker watching, passing decorated doorways draped in red. I became hopelessly lost as the invisible New Moon rose in the small hours, but awoke at Dawn on a snug park bench to find that a reveler had left, atop my satchel at my head, a red envelope containing six gold coins and one radiant Mandarin orange.

Upon my return to American I set about working with this orange, ever fickle and not one upon which many fermentative discoveries have been published. Eventually I determined that a combination of juice and zest, with a hint of chamomile flower, create a flavor so unusual that it had to be shared. I hope you enjoy this cider as much as I do.

Pairs well with:Wild & bitter winter-hearty green salad: sorrel, mustard, arugula, frisée, mizuna, dandelion

Hard cider time in the Rockies!


commercial description

Others profess to produce a cherry cider, but none begin with 100% sour Granny Smith apples (eschewing all other apple varieties for their lack of sourness) unified with the superior Montmorency sour cherry (aka Prunus cerasus, a superior and vastly dissimilar cherry to Prunus avid, the bird cherry, the mere mazzard, so commonly used in cough syrup and children’s sweet-snacks) and the exotic Baladon sour cherry (hailing from my native country of Hungary), fermented with an English Ale yeast (procured from a fine brewery in Chiswick, London), rounded out with a spot of Bartlett pear juice (undeniably the world’s greatest pear-flavored pear) and completed with a touch of spiciness (largely attributable to the ghost chili pepper, although married with a secret spice), precisely enough to make your vigor race and spirits embrace another gulp. 
This is a cherry cider like none you have ever tasted.

Topper’s perspective!

It’s one of the best beer times of the year, with all the seasonal brews arriving and new additions. The flavor profiles are exciting to the palate, some of which may be contributed to the changing seasons, the human spirit and body response to the stimulates of climate change, at least that is my belief. The festival brews are coming along which is traditional, with all the fun tasty esters in the finish and soon the richer porters and stouts will be here. We are expecting more Barley-wine and Bourbon barrel brews this year and because of your support more breweries are getting into Montana even if the Montana laws are not kind to breweries as you know and that is something I hope we can get some help in changing the license fee in the legislature. The Holidays are fast appoaching and with all the gatherings and celebrations have fun and consume good beer. Prost! Topper